Roy Nicholson gives therapy two thumbs up.

Roy Nicholson was hospitalized for almost a month due to complex medical conditions.


Nicholson was bedridden with a wound and a colostomy bag. He was admitted to Life Care Center of The Willows in Valparaiso, Indiana, on May 23, 2016, for physical and occupational therapies, as well as wound care. He was not able to walk and needed extensive assistance in all aspects of activities of daily living.


Associates at The Willows knew Nicholson needed a lot of encouragement to get out of bed. Each day, therapists gave their best efforts to help him gain his strength back.


After four and a half months of rehabilitation, which included wound care, different exercise strategies and various challenging activities, Nicholson is now back on his feet. He is even able to walk independently, without even needing a cane.


Nicholson’s wound is completely healed, and he completed his rehabilitation in October. He was scheduled to go home after surgery to remove his colostomy bag.


“Roy is another success story that The Willows team will never forget,” said Jane Alburo, director of rehab services.


“I felt that the therapists were great at what they do!” said Nicholson. “They helped me from being in bed to accomplishing walking on my own. The whole staff is awesome. I would recommend The Willows to other people!”