The Valparaiso Fire Department presents the Axe Award to Life Care Center of The Willows.

On Nov. 16, 2017, the Valparaiso, Indiana, Fire Department presented Life Care Center of The Willows in Valparaiso with its Axe Award.


The award honored the center for exemplary service and exceeding all expectations during a small electric outlet fire on Nov. 10.


The incident occurred during the evening in a resident’s room. While a certified nursing assistant was assisting a resident to bed, she raised the head of the bed, and the side rail caught the plug and began to spark and ignited a small flame. The CNA called for assistance and removed the residents from the room to a safe area.


Associates called 911 and put out the flame with a fire extinguisher. Residents on the unit were evacuated beyond the fire doors, and the fire and police departments responded and made sure the area was safe. Due to the fast response, the damage was contained to the electrical outlet.


“I am very proud of the associates, that they were able to remain calm and follow procedures to keep the residents safe and calm,” said Tami Adams, executive director. “Great teamwork!”